Monday, Another New Week, Another New Beginning

Janice Krako/ June 13, 2017/ healthy living

Another Monday, another new beginning and another chance to achieve success!

It's Monday already?

Are you rested and ready for the week ahead, or do you have a weekend hangover from not enough rest?

Monday morning already?

Sometimes just getting out of bed on a Monday is difficult especially if you haven't had sufficient sleep enough over the weekend.

Simple tips to help you train your body and amp up your Monday "A.M. productivity".

Create a sleep routine 

Don’t underestimate the importance of your circadian rhythm. This regulates how your body sleep and wake cycle runs. Bodies crave routine and ideally, you should wake up from a light phase of sleep, not the deeper stage. It’s that deeper stage that leads to a foggy head and low mental functioning. If you're well rested you shouldn't need to rely on caffeine to get you moving.

  • Set a bedtime Stick to the set time or at least within 30 minutes of that time.
  • Set a wake-up time - Get up around the same time each morning, your body will be reset to the routine slowly. The hope is that eventually, you will be able to wake yourself up without an alarm.

    Set your alarm clock


Don't work, text, or stay online too close to your set bedtime. The blue light emitted from your phone or tablet disrupts your melatonin according to neuroscientists.  Let your mind and body start winding down naturally.  Make this a part of your night time ritual.  Bathe or shower before bed to further relax you even more.  Love yourself enough to get enough rest!

Be Active physically

Working out first thing in the morning may not sound appealing but the effects sure payoff. Even if it’s as simple as taking a half-hour stroll, kick-starting your morning with cardio will boost your energy levels throughout the day. The added bonus of daily activity will help you wind down at night, leading to a deeper night’s sleep.

Fuel your body

While a donut and a cup of coffee may be an easy way to get your blood sugar rising, it can also lead to a sugar crash a few hours later. Instead have some higher quality fuel – oatmeal, fresh fruit, yogurt or even a veggie omelet. Always on the go? Make hard-boiled eggs that you can grab on the run for a protein-packed breakfast.

Light Sensitivity

Light has a huge effect on the body’s triggers for sleep and waking up. Switch on a bright light or open your blinds right when you wake up. Conversely, avoid bright lights – yes, including electronics that will emit blue light and disrupt melatonin – for that last hour before you plan to hit the bed. This will help your body begin to wind down from the busy day and slip into that deep sleep you need for rejuvenation.

Control Temperature in the bedroom

Adjust the temperature in your bedroom to the cooler side to allow yourself to snuggle in those covers.  Too hot or too cold can hinder quality sleep.

Have a peaceful sleeping environment

Try these tips and get some sound sleep every night! Take care of you because if you don't who will? You're worth it!

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