Monday, Another New Week, Another New Beginning

Janice Krako/ June 13, 2017

It’s Monday already? Are you rested and ready for the week ahead, or do you have a weekend hangover from not enough rest? Sometimes just getting out of bed on a Monday is difficult especially if you haven’t had sufficient sleep enough over the weekend. Simple tips to help you train your body and amp up your Monday “A.M. productivity”. Create a sleep routine  Don’t underestimate the importance of your circadian rhythm. This regulates how your body sleep and wake cycle runs. Bodies crave routine and ideally, you should wake up from a light phase of sleep, not the deeper stage. It’s that deeper stage that leads to a foggy head and low mental functioning. If you’re well rested you shouldn’t need to rely on caffeine to get you moving. Set a bedtime Stick to the set time or at least within 30 minutes of that time. Set a wake-up time – Get up around the same time each morning, your body will be reset to the routine slowly. The hope is that eventually, you will be able to wake yourself up without an alarm. Relax Don’t work, text, or stay online too close to your set bedtime. The blue light emitted from your phone

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