Rainy days and Tuesdays….

Janice Krako/ November 29, 2016/ Family, family time, Food, happiness, laughter, Love, rainy days

When I’m trying to catch up on writing actually love the gray skies and sounds of the cars passing by in the rain. Peaceful day today. Tuesdays are usually the days I catch up on food blogs.

The post tomorrow will be Paprikás Csirke better known around here as Chicken Paprikash. A lovely stew of chicken, onions and of course paprika.  It’s the kind of dish that when it’s simmering on the stove takes me back to childhood.  Very much a simple to make dinner that’s a real family favorite.

  Paprikás Csirke on a bed of egg noodles

The rain also will often take me back and have me reflecting on life too. The one thing we never have enough of is time. Every day take the time to appreciate the little things. Yes, even when the kids are driving you bats, arguing and running around the house. You’ll miss that when they’re all grown and on their own! (You will have to take my word on that!) Or, you might want to read this blog Never Forget the Love and the Laughter I wrote earlier this month.

One of my favorite things when they were still at home and creating havoc, arguing like crazy I would say, “Hey let’s use that energy and make some pizza.” My kids love pizza! Instead of arguing still they would get out the recipe and start making the dough from scratch by hand. It never failed to distract them from whatever silliness they had been fighting over.  Instead, they started cooperating with each other and looking forward to that pizza!  Actually, we did too because they made a darn good pizza!

homemade pizza always good and fun to make!

Don’t they look like they never argued in this picture? 

One of my Favorite trips with the cherubs!

Enjoy every day and never fail to let the people you cherish in your life know they are important to you, and they are loved.  If something ever happened to you or them, wouldn’t you want them to know the final words between you are “I love you”?



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