Sometimes Mother’s Day is a Bittersweet Day

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Once upon a time….but this is a true story

When the private school our son attended didn’t think this young man would be able to succeed  enrolled there in spite of his brilliance, genius IQ but lacking perfect eye sight, having poor fine motor skills, and a brain tumor (discovered at age 5.)…He made the honor roll!  More capable than they assumed.


Proudest parents ever!

How ironic…we were called in to a meeting with the High School principal and David’s teachers for the very pleasant occasion of note…David made honor roll. The Principal had been given the task by the school’s Headmaster of terminating David’s attendance for “not being up to the school’s quality levels”.  David was up to the challenges of a rigorous education. A child with IQ of Mensa level in nursery school.

The Headmaster had to “eat crow”. David could and did succeed quite well in this tough academic setting as the Honor Roll listing attested to.  What parent doesn’t love to hear teachers telling you not only your son was brilliant, but a good person person?

David constantly amazed all who knew him.

So….now that the amazing David  was successful in a tough private high school,  his next task was finding a date for the Prom.

The Birthday Present

“Dating for Dummies” by Dr. Joy Browne


This mother challenged Dave and gave him the book “Dating for Dummies” to give him some ideas on how to find a date for the prom.

Yes he laughed when he opened that birthday present! We had all learned years ago that laughing in tough situations was crucial to surviving them.   It is one way we were able to survive David’s brain tumor treatments and hospitalizations.

Not only did Dave get one date,  he wound up with two dates and they asked another classmate who didn’t have a date to join them….So the 4 high school friends went to the Prom and enjoyed a very special evening!

Pre prom pictures by our koi pond out back

❤️ Moral of the Story 1 ⇒ Never say you can’t because you can. You can exceed all other’s expectations of you. Any child who could and did talk in complete sentences at 6 months of age has great potential and is very special.

Waiting in Woods Hole, MA
for the Islander Ferry to Martha’s Vineyard

❤️ Moral of the Story 2 ⇒ I am one tough Mother that would walk through a burning fire (yes it seemed that way at times) make sure he succeeded. Don’t tell me silly things like he would never read! A mother know’s her child best. A mother’s love is more durable than anything.

Our first of many trips to Alaska
showing the huge cabbages grown
there with all the many hours of sunlight

❤️ Moral of the Story 3 ⇒ The power of Love and real parenting will shape the future of the world.

Love while you can….we are never promised tomorrow. ❤️

Today is Mother’s Day and would have been his birthday too.  While bittersweet, I wouldn’t want to lose 1 minute of the times we had with our beloved David.

Summer horse camp
Fishing off the coast in NJ
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