I have never been one just to sit around when there is a whole world to explore!!

Already I have been to more places than I ever thought I would over the years but that was just scratching the tip of the iceberg of travel for me.   So many places to go, things to try and cultures to experience.  My love of travel started from a very early age and I have been fortunate enough to scratch that itch over the years very frequently.

But, when I’m home or near a kitchen I love nothing more than entertaining, creating new recipes and experimenting with food in my “playground”.   That’s right, the kitchen is my playground!   Everything from bread, soups, entrees, desserts and even candy!  Love to cook ethnic food such as Hungarian, Chinese, and Italian.   Constantly increasing my repertoire and creations!   Step in Angel’s Food Paradise and try some in your kitchen!

There is nothing like some homegrown produce too for enhancing the flavor of those dishes so you know, there will be gardening ideas and techniques too.

I won’t ever be bored….food, travel, entertaining, gardening, music (essential to life), and writing.

Join me as I explore all facets of this fabulous world from travel to food, music, cultures and so much more…

Life is an adventure and I’m just beginning my quest for adventures!



The Lady JStyle

Janice Krako, aka The Lady JStyle

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